Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do ShyneDurags ship internationally?

Absolutely! The countries we serve include:

Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia & Sweden.

Americas: United States of America, Canada & Mexico.

Asia: China & Japan.

Africa: South Africa.

Australia & Oceania: Australia & New Zealand.

If you don't see your country here, do not be disappointed we are continually working on growing our global network. We'll be coming to you very soon...


  • Do you have to have waves to wear a durag?

Although silky durags are a waver's greatest companion, their purpose is not limited to acquiring waves. Our rags provide the perfect compression required for hairstyles such as cornrows, baby-hair curls, pony tails and dreadlocks.

In short...our rags are for any and everybody regardless of hair texture or style.


How can I find out when my favourite colours will be back in stock?

Please consider joining our mailing list for all information on restocks and new releases direct to your inbox.