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Keeping The Waves Flowing: Wash & Style Tips for Curl Maintenance.

Style and cleanliness go hand in hand, therefore it’s incredibly important to wash and moisturise your hair whilst waving. We recommend washing with any organic, sulphate-free, shampoo no more than twice a week, as doing so too frequently can strip your hair of its natural essential oils.

In order to rejuvenate and rehydrate your hair after shampooing, we also strongly suggest using an organic conditioner. A popular washing method amongst wavers is the ‘Wash n Style’ where you brush your hair in the shower whilst it is lathered with shampoo and conditioner. This is particularly effective as your hair is more readily trained when in a relaxed state.  Moisturising is a major key to maintaining the nourishment of your scalp and should be done up to 3 times a week including after each wash session.

There are many hair products on the market advertising themselves as being the best wave formula, these are typically the ones to steer clear of. The rule of thumb for moisturisers is to count the natural ingredients, if there are none… RUN! Many ‘waving’ pomades contain mineral oils such as petroleum and paraffin which can cause damage to your hair follicles as well as weighing down your hair. We recommend using natural products with hold such as our Shea Butter Curl Defining Cream.


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