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A Lesson in Compression: Wearing a Durag For Quick Waving Results.

In its essence, the process of waving is simply training the curls of your hair to lay down flat. This result is attained by brushing, however, is maintained by compression. There are a variety of tools used by wavers to achieve this compression, however the most commonly used, and agreeably most effective, is the durag.

Now, something you should know is that once you enter a contract with the Wave Gods, your Durag should become your best friend! It provides the necessary compression to hold your hair in place and, much like a checkpoint in your favourite video game, locks in your hard-earned progress.
Many elite wavers tend to wear their durags whenever they’re not brushing, and only flaunt the fruits of their labour under special circumstances. However, this level of dedication is by no means compulsory. We recommend ragging up any time you are going to sleep or whenever your hair is due to be exposed to high levels of moisture e.g. sweating at the gym, walking in the rain, or the shower when you aren’t washing your hair.
Wearing a ‘silky durag’ will prevent breakages, retain moisture and provide the necessary compression and comfort to aid you in your wave journey. By all estimations, ShyneDurags is the #1 place to purchase your waving companion from.
We specialise in high quality silky durags at very competitive prices. What better way to style out your wave journey than to colour coordinate your durag with your fit?! SEE OUR FULL CATALOGUE HERE


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